What is Enspark.io?

Enspark.io is a first-of- its-kind data-driven B2B sales engagement platform that leverages the combined power of content and real-time 1:1 interaction. Enspark.io empowers sales and marketing teams to be more relevant to the needs of prospects and customers, creating a positive experience that can enhance brand value and increase sales.

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Benefits of Enspark.io

Put your content to work

On average, 60-70% of marketing content is not being used (Sirius decisions) either because sales doesn’t know where to find it, or doesn’t know it exists. Enspark.io empowers your sales teams to share valuable content with your prospects by enabling them to quickly and easily find the most relevant content to each prospect. Using content such as whitepapers, articles, case studies, and proposals in the sales process increases the chance of conversion.

Real-time engagement

Enspark.io enables your sales teams to engage in real-time and at the exact moment that the prospect is reading through your content. By promoting the dialogue in this manner, prospects are significantly more receptive to interacting with your sales team. They are also more receptive to understanding the value of your content.

Improve conversions

Close more deals by promoting a better understanding of your customers and communicating with them when the time is right. The use of content also helps to drive meaningful conversations, based on the prospect’s interests.

Increase sales productivity

Enspark.io increases the productivity of sales teams by enabling them to connect in a new way. Instead of spending valuable time chasing prospects by phone or by email, sales can now reach out in real-time at the peak of the prospect’s interest.

Gain valuable insights

Gather real-time, actionable insights that will help you connect with your prospects and improve conversion. Enspark.io learns what works best for your customers and empowers you to take action with a live dashboard.

Optimise your content

Understand how your customers view your content and what they are looking for. Measure your content’s performance and optimise it to increase ROI.

How it works

  1. Enspark prospects with relevant content

    Quickly find the best performing and most relevant content to share with your customers.

  2. Start a meaningful conversation

    Use the power of chat to start a conversation with your customer while they are reading your content.

  3. Gain real-time insights

    With the help of machine learning techniques such as predictive analytics, Enspark.io provides on demand tips and insights that are specific to your content and prospect.

  4. Win more deals

    Stop letting leads ‘go to waste’ after a few attempts, Enspark them with valuable content and engage with them in a new way at the best possible moment.

Product Features

  • Real-time insights

    Gain insights on how to engage with your prospect in real-time and see how they interact with your content. This lets you understand what they are looking for and adapt the conversation.

  • No setup

    Start using Enspark.io today. No need for a complicated setup or implementing JavaScript tags. Just sign-up, upload content and start Ensparking your prospects. Enspark.io was built to work out of the box.

  • Conversation tips

    Enspark.io helps you engage better by providing specific conversation tips that allow you to add value to the conversation based on the information gathered about the prospect and the document.

  • Integrations

    Enspark.io integrates with your existing CRM and marketing automation tools, enhancing the ability of your sales teams to communicate more effectively and efficiently with your prospects all along the buyer’s journey.

  • Real-time alerts

    Get notified as soon as your prospect is viewing your document and take action while they’re reading it.

  • Chat

    Our live chat allows you to respond quickly and have a meaningful conversation with your leads in a secure way from the document page.

  • Analytics

    Empower your marketing to learn how well your content is performing and optimise it based on your customers’ engagement.

  • Advanced search

    Our semantic search lets you find the most relevant documents to share within seconds.

  • Works on any device

    Our solution is designed to work with ease on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices with any screen size.